Elite ANT Force: The Fifth Bionic, formerly known as Elite ANT Force and later Elite ANTS: Talent And Power Island, is a fanmade television series created by Chase McFly, as a crossover of the Disney shows ANT Farm and Lab Rats: Elite Force. The former theme song was titled "You Never Know You're Exceptional", despite the lyrics not actually appearing in the song itself. The second theme song was titled, "We Gotta Get Back In Time And Save Our Friends ". "Take On The Elite ANTs Whenever" is the last theme song. An alternate history novel version written by Ali Short was released in 2016. It is called "A Force To Be Reckoned With." The show underwent a number of casting changes as it transitioned from a show about talents, bionics, and superpowers clashing, to a show about these heroes saving the lives of their bad-lucked loved ones and then to a show of crazy sci-fi crossovers. Tyrel Jackson Williams and Pearce Joza left the season 3 main cast. Bradley Steven Perry finally became main again for season 3. Stefanie Scott joined as well. On February 15, 2018, it was confirmed that the show will end after its third season and have a joint spin-off series with Best Friends Whenever and Girl Meets World to start airing September 2018, the title is Time ANTs: Elite World Force .
Elite ANT Force

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