Charles (died 3000) was a researcher of cybernetic implants and a former member of the Justice Society of America known as Dr. Mid-Nite. He was presumably one of the meta-humans in the JSA targeted by the Dominators in 1951.


After the Legends forced Albert Einstein to reveal Mileva Maric as a ghost collaborator, Dr. Mid-Nite and the Justice Society of America intercepted them, wanting to bring them in for questioning.[2] Obsidian used his powers to darken the skies, allowing the JSA to fight the Legends. Dr. Mid-Nite struggled with Ray Palmer, before knocking down Mick Rory, taking in the team for questioning. After proving that they weren't a threat, they let them go, providing they didn't return. Soon after, when a fight in a Parisian nightclub broke out, the JSA arrived, settling it. The Legends revealed that they had access to a timeship, suggesting that they work together. They headed to the Fontainebleau Forest, intercepting some Nazis and taking on their target, Krieger, just closely escaping, albeit with Ray and Amaya kidnapped. Shortly following, Krieger used a biomolecular enhancer, causing Commander Steel and Dr. Mid-Nite to take him on. Commander Steel fired shots at him, causing Krieger to go after him, leading to his ultimate demise. Following this ordeal, the Legends handed over the Askaran Amulet to the JSA, who went on their way.[3]

In 1956, the Justice Society travelled to Leipzig,[4] aided by Rip Hunter, to recover the Spear of Destiny. Breaking it into four pieces, Charles took a piece to the year 3000, where he hid it inside himself and began posing as a researcher of cybernetic implants. Using future technology, he was also able to cure his blindness. He was soon found by Rip, who had been turned evil, asking for Charles' shard of the spear. Refusing to give it to him, Rip took it by force, cutting it out of Charles, killing him.

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