Yay, Fletcher's back!

Double Trouble is the 2nd episode of Elite ANT Force.


When Fletcher returns, Chyna, Jesse, and Olive have a difficult time hiding him from Oliver. Meanwhile, Skylar comes up with a brilliant idea: an Elite ANT Force combining bionic heroes, superheroes, and talented kids.


  • This episode was reviewed as "Crazy and Cool" when viewers saw the two Jake Shorts, one slightly slouching with a bowl toupee on, the other standing up straight with natural, but gelled-up, hair. In an interview, Jake Short revealed he did this so they could be told apart. He did find it a nuisance to slouch, and only slouched when in a scene with himself so he would appear different. He also had some make-up on his face to make him look more like his puberty was just starting, for another difference. The bowl toupee was the only element of that "costume" he carried on into season 2.

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