Double Trouble is the 2nd episode of Elite ANT Force.


When Fletcher returns, Chyna and Olive have a difficult time hiding him from Oliver. Meanwhile, Skylar comes up with a brilliant idea: an Elite ANT Force combining bionic heroes, superheroes, and talented kids.

Main Cast

Recurring Cast 


  • It was Jake Short's personal request that Fletcher look physically younger than Oliver, so that viewers could easily tell them apart.
    • In order to achieve this, he wore a bowl toupee and prosthetics to make himself look closer to his early teen years. He also modulated his voice to be more cracking and less nasally, hoping Oliver's deeper somewhat nasally tone would contrast well with it. As a final method, he slouched as Fletcher, though he had finally given this up when season 2 came around, along with the prosthetics and the modulated voice stopped cracking.
  • When Fletcher, Chyna, and Olive hug, they are in the exact same poses as they were in when he left in the A.N.T. Farm series finale, "the new york experiANTs". To further the reference, each has on identical clothing and hairstyles, with the roomavator redecorated to resemble the Z-Store from that episode.