Alternate versions of Donald Mikardroll Davenport appear throughout the series.


This Donald is deceased, he died of hunger in jail, and told Douglas to take his identity. Since he killed Kaz's and Alan's parents, he never married Tasha, or met Leo, or even had bionic kids, who were Krane's creation in that timeline.


Little is known of this Donald, except he had two extra nephews, Cory and Eric. It is unknown what this changed for him.


Donald saved his brother from Victor Krane and the evil Ricardo, and thus became hated by the Krane crime family. This led to years of abuse, and Nick Krane paralyzed him in 1993. Donald's organs and systems continued to work, and while his neck muscles became unable to hold up his head, he could still talk, breathe, and move his hands. The same fate befell Douglas. Donald was abused so much, that he finally agreed for them to run Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo out of town so they'd stop.


Two years after Donald's birth, his parents divorced so that Carter Davenport could marry his dream girl, Sarah Perry. However, Sarah only saw him as an older brother, and fell for his own son. She acted as the co-Citizen for both men. Donnie moved with his mother Mary to Mission creek for the rest of his life. He had no kids.

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