Dangerous Delivery is the 14th and last episode of season 1 of Elite Life Of Time Wizards and ANTs Meeting World: The Next Generation.


Cyd has her babies, Annie and Naldo Jr but is also grieving Naldo's death. Meanwhile, Skylarks returns and possesses Josh. Lexi returns after Cyd gets her and loses her body but gains Maya's. Lexi gets her friends: Duggie, Leana, and Jesse, to help her rebuild Skylarks a new body. Lexi and Skylarks escape. Leaving Duggie and Jesse to help Douglas build Josh a new body. Skylarks, Lexi, and Ricardo III form a new Evil Force Next Generation.


  • Annie is named for Douglas' first wife, Annie.
  • Something horrible happens to Jordan in the future.
  • Lexi turns evil.
  • This is the debut of the "real-world OCs" where the crew members act as their counterparts in the fictional world.

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