Cross-Dressing Crazies is the third episode in Season 4 of Good Luck, Liv and Maddie's Kickin' Suite Time Wizard ANT World Bunkin' Force: Bionic Superhero Secret Service Division.


As the former Elite ANT Force rushes back to 2051 to save Chasity, Kaz stumbles upon one of her old notebooks where he finds an elaborate diagram scheme to kill Evie. There is a list of ways to lure Evie into her trap, like cross-dressing and acting gay. As the team scrambles to retrieve Chasity, Kaz reveals the unfortunate truth to Gabe. Mason, meanwhile is Chase's spy, as Alex is heartbroken to find out. The past version of Oliver retains the brainwashing he got a year earlier, making him like house arrest. Marie-in her younger self's body-manages to get into the same college as John instead of being tutored by him, however, they still have 15 secret kids. Chase discovers the BSSSD and attempts to imprison them, but is taken to 2063 where Zuri has won the monarchy. Chase then turns out the lights and Evie is gone! The team must hurry back to save Douglas-but what has gotten into Chase?