A Commando App is a bionic app and superpower that makes the bionic person it belongs to aggressive, mean, and a bully. The user likes to destroy things, and hurt and threaten even innocent people. This app makes the user lose consciousness, and forget elements of their lives. They are unable to remember their bionic abilities or who they really are. It is revealed that it is also a superpower, as Chase retained it even after losing his bionics.


Chase Davenport

Chase's Commando App, Spike, is the most notable in the series. He has all the typical commando traits. Chase is able to control when he shuts Spike on and off, but Spike can never recall being Chase. Spike is quite the ladies man. He does not remember who is related to him and who isn't, thus, he gets a crush on Maya's Commando App, Evie. Spike is used by Chase to make up for his possession immunity power, which he has lost, in other words, Spike is able to keep Chase's body strong if he is possessed. Spike's catchphrase is "Spikey Likey!"

Maya Davenport

Maya's Commando App, Evie, is the second most notable one in the series. While basically a female Spike in personality, Evie is also a feminist, and has a crush on Spike. She is different from Spike in that she knows she lives inside Maya. Her catchphrase is "Evie Levie"!

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