Chasive is the rivalry pairing of Chase Figgenbottom and Olive Chestnut.


Season 1

Desperately Seeking Skylar, The Claw Prank Repetition, and Doyle's End: Skylar Is Safe

  • Olive helped Chase build a time machine.
  • Olive attempted to save Chase's life while defeating the Annihilator.
  • Chase was the first person Olive turned evil to experience her liquid bionics.
  • Olive found Chase's bionics the most interesting.
  • Olive didn't want Chase to feel pain as she removed his chip, so she turned him to stone.
  • Olive thanked Chase the most for helping her get back to normal.


  1. Chase McFly


  • Chase has held a grudge against Olive and has constantly said he hates her ever since Desperately Seeking Skylar.

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