Campromised is the 5th episode of Season 2 of Good Luck, Liv and Maddie's Kickin' Suite Time Wizard ANT World Bunkin' Force: Bionic Superhero Secret Service Division. It is the 31st episode overall. It is the 175th episode overall in the franchise. Added to the original Elite Force universe, it is the 336th episode, and including the 9 other shows, it is 30 (BFW) plus 72 (GMW) plus 71 (SLOD) plus 45 (BUNK'D) plus 80 (LAM) plus 97 (GLC) plus 84 (Kickin' It) plus 106 (WOWP), in addition to ANT Farm (62), it is episode number 983.


When the BSSSD trace a timequake to President Reagan's White House, they are shocked to discover their old enemy Victor Krane is now a senior adviser to Reagan. As the team works to uncover what Krane has up his devious sleeve, Heather struggles with the choice of getting revenge or helping with the team's larger mission. Thinking that the JSA members could be of help, Olive Hashimoto and Sander break into the JSA and are surprised at what they find. Meanwhile, Douglas tries to prevent his younger self from creating an even bigger time Aberration.