Bunkin' With Barry is the 10th episode in Season 4 of Good Luck, Liv and Maddie's Kickin' Suite Time Wizard ANT World Bunkin' Force: Bionic Superhero Secret Service Division. It also leads into a fully Arrested Development based 17 episodes, like the Legends of Tomorrow based 16 episodes following the 10 opening episodes for Season 1.


Heather and Barry move in together, to Naldo Jr, Shelly, Barry Jr, Martin, Ellen, and Ann's chagrin. Ravi, Luke, Tessa, Griff, Lou, Anastasia, Emma, and Zander head back in time to stop Chris and Evangeline from getting put in boarding school. They also stop Grou Industries from ever forming. Back in 2063, the team reveals some secrets. Tina, Bailey, Chase, Cody, Bree, and Kaz reveal they created a holiday that prevents Cinco De Mayo from occurring. Following Ann and Barry Jr's divorce, Ann starts a new relationship with a young man named Rex Alley who wears funny hats, has a brown bowlcut, and has a similar smile to Naldo. But what happens when Heather meets Rex? Maddie feels under pressure as queen and gets Liv to swap places with her, but Parker and Joey have other plans. Diggie, Holden, Willow, and Val are missing after a freak boat explosion. Cody comes out as gay and begins a new life separated from Bailey, with help from Kaz and Chase. Tina decides to hand over Davenport Industries to Berry, but Bree and Bailey convince her to give it to Cody Jr and John as well. John gets some training from his uncle Chase, but gets freaked out when he finds Chase is bisexual-and has a new girlfriend. John learns from Leana, Ursula, Ricardo, Ethan, Seth, Edna, Fred, Joe, Paul, Annie, Nancy, and Charles that Marie is cheating on him, and goes to investigate, not knowing that what they saw was not what was really happening. Cody Jr and Berry are conned by Elaine into having gay sex. Cody Jr wakes up days later, too late to take Forget-Me-Nows and forget the experience. Doug tries to sneak Angela and Louis out of prison-and is trapped himself. Marie reveals some heavy stuff to Heather and Ann, which leads to Ann punching Heather, while Heather tells Marie her character will not be in the new film made by The Heather D. Company. John similarly punches Chase upon discovering he is trying to woo Marie. The other BSSSD members realize they still have no idea who killed Evie, and that Zuri's coma may be permanent.

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