• Chase McFly

    April Fool's Day

    April 1, 2018 by Chase McFly

    I have changed the wiki up for April Fool's day! Hope it's fun!

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  • Chase McFly

    Episode Discussion

    September 2, 2017 by Chase McFly

    Here is a place where we can discuss ideas for episodes!

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  • Chase McFly

    Here are the equivalents of Arrested Deveopment characters in BSSSD Season 4, who will be the most main characters of the season.

    George-Kaz, Cody, Chase


    Lucille-Bree, Bailey, Tina, Lauren

    GOB-Cody Jr, Berry, (somestimes John), Gabe Jr

    George Michael-Ann, John

    Maeby-Barry Jr, Marie

    Rebel-Rex, Marie

    Tobias-Holden, Diggie, Willow, Val

    Lucille 2-Evie

    Buster-Doug, Angela, Louis

    Lindsay-Liv, Maddie, Parker, Joey

    Herbert Love-Zuri


    If you have more equivalent ideas, let em know!

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  • Superbionic 2009

    Hey it Superbionic 2009.Who whould of though. Today I like thank every fanficton writer for introducing me to the family ships of Oliver and Fletcher and the Pj, Teddy, Gabe Charile, Toby and Kaz and Kaz's siblings. I should also thanks the Mighty med for never tell us Kaz and Oliver's last names.

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  • Superbionic 2009
    1. Chyna Parks
    2. Angus Chestnut
    3. Olive Doyle
    4. Rocky Blue
    5. Cece Jones
    6. Duce
    7. Dina
    8. Ty

    1. Skylar Valentine
    2. Kaz Ducan
    3. Jordan Zuehlsdorff
    4. Leo Dooley
    5. Chase Davenport (His rival)
    6. Bree Davenport
    7. Gus Issac
    8. Alan Diaz
    9. Jack
    10. Kim
    11. Angela Connors
    12. Taylor
    13. Daniel Davenport
    14. Adam Davenport
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  • Chase McFly

    Recurring Themes

    February 21, 2017 by Chase McFly

    This show would have died long ago if it weren't for the recurring pop culture references. Chockfilled with BTTF and Arrested Developement parodies, this show has everything!

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  • Superbionic 2009

    Love Confusion 2

    January 31, 2017 by Superbionic 2009

    • 6:34 Superbionic 2009 Bree: Lunch time Come on Lauren
    • 6:34 Chase McFly Lauren: coming Bree I feel a bit messed up because Chyna and Skylar aren't spending as much time with us anymore
    • 6:36 Superbionic 2009 Bree:Olive Too
    • 6:37 Chase McFly Lauren: Bree, remember how you have trouble with all your old boyfriends/ Maybe the next one will be the one
    • 6:37 Superbionic 2009 I hope so
    • 6:38 Chase McFly Oliver: Guys, I have great news!
    • 6:38 Superbionic 2009 Bree: what Oliver?
    • 6:38 Chase McFly A pal of mine from Pittsburgh is moving here!
    • 6:38 Superbionic 2009 Angus: who is he
    • 6:39 Chase McFly Oliver: His name is Kaz Duncan
    • 6:39 Superbionic 2009 Fletcher: we should say one thing He have a twin Brother name
    • Gabe
    • 6:41 Chase McFly Oliver: Yeah, Gabe's home-schooled
    • 6…

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  • Superbionic 2009

    New wiki

    January 19, 2017 by Superbionic 2009

    hey guys Chase McFly and I have made a wiki together It call It is the Prequel to this wiki our version of season 2 and any thing you need just post on mine or Chase's  walls on there. Enjoyd It.

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  • ScottStephenJones

    I am making this blog post to announce that I'm leaving Wikia permanently. I have realized that Fandom is not for me. I know that you're gonna ask questions and feel free to comment them. I'd also like to announce it has nothing to do with what happened last month and I'll no longer exist by the end of this Saturday. I'm gonna miss it but it's time for me to go. Plus, another reason is I don't like keeping this secret from my parents and I feel I've given out too much personal information. Goodbye forever. Feel free to share this unexpected and heartbreaking announcement on other wikis.

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  • Superbionic 2009

    Love Confusion

    January 14, 2017 by Superbionic 2009

    • Skylar: Chyna, seen any cute boys lately?
    • 10:08 Superbionic 2009 Chya: no sence Nigel move back to England you?
    • 10:08 Chase McFly Skylar: Well,  He has a brown bowlcut
    • 10:09 Superbionic 2009 Chyna: aww how cute what is his name
    • 10:10 Chase McFly Skylar: Oliver Quimby We met at a party downtown He just moved here
    • 10:13 Superbionic 2009 Lauren: Sky, Chyna
    • 10:13 Chase McFly What, Lauren?
    • 10:14 Superbionic 2009 we have a sub in History
    • 10:14 Chase McFly Cool What's his name
    • 10:15 Superbionic 2009 george Feeny
    • 10:15 Chase McFly Cool
    • 10:16 Superbionic 2009 Bree: Lauren, Sky, Chyna over here me and Olive saved you seats
    • 10:16 Chase McFly Skylar: Hi Bree Good to see you
    • 10:17 Superbionic 2009 you to
    • Feeny: morring class i am your sub
    • 10:19 Chase McFly Olive: Wan…

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  • Superbionic 2009
    • Set in Philadelphia
    • Oliver and Fletcher is from Pittsburgh
    • Bree, Chyna, Lauren, Olive and Skylar are best friends
    • Kaz, Gabe,Jordan, Gus and Benny are Oliver and Fletcher's old friend from Pittsbugh
    • No Bionic or superpowers or magic
    • In the frist they are in 11th grade
    • in the second they are in 12 grade
    • Kaz and Gabe don't come in until the second one
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  • Chase McFly

    My Other Account?

    January 1, 2017 by Chase McFly

    Apparently, I have a long-forgotten alt account. User:JesseBean. Can't belive I didn't remember.

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  • Superbionic 2009

    Hate and Love Island

    December 31, 2016 by Superbionic 2009

    • 9:44 Chase McFly (Chase arrives at the ceremony, crying).
    • 9:45 Chase McFly Chase: Bree, why did Reese have to break up with me?
    • 9:46 Superbionic 2009 Bree: You going to difference colleges
    • 9:47 Chase McFly Chase: Oh yeah-sniff-let's take our seats.
    • 9:52 Chase McFly (It's fine) Bree: I am so worried about 12 grade, Chase.
    • 9:53 Superbionic 2009 Chase: you be fine you have Oliver, Kaz and Skylar
    • 9:53 Chase McFly Bree: I hope I love it, I'll tell Leo about 11th grade.
    • 9:53 Superbionic 2009 Just stick together
    • 9:53 Chase McFly Want to know how Kaz and I are doing?
    • 9:54 Superbionic 2009 Yeah
    • 9:54 Chase McFly Still going strong, we have a double-date with Skylar and Oliver on Saturday

    Do you still take tons of tests in 12th grade

    • 9:55 Superbionic 2009 Yeah a…

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  • Superbionic 2009
    • This is the sequel to Hate and Love
    • Chase is not related to Olive (but have the similar power)
    • Folive and Skoliver are still together
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  • Superbionic 2009

    "Bree, remember yesterday when Olive told me to let you date Kaz?" asked Chase.  She looked at him.

    "Nope. He's a klutz and Reese's cousin. Now, please take care of my homework." said Chase.

    ok Chase

    Glad you understand I don't want to be late for school

    Bree: can I call skylar

    Sure, go ahead But please make it snappy

    Bree: fine

    Bree calls the number and Skylar picks up

    Skylar: Yes, Bree?

    Bree: what you doing

    tell me Oliver not there

    Eating breakfast with the Quimbys

    Oliver's here Want to talk to him?

    no I see you two at school

    Okay Chase: Bree, I can't be late today! It's mid-term exams!

    ok Chase

    Hurry up, finish the calculus, and eat something! I love how you always do what I ask, bree I'm going to go get my car!

    Bree: can I drive the car

    After Bree gets …

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  • Superbionic 2009

    I like  as family

    • Brady/Boz/Boomer and Lanny from Pair of Kings, Marcus from Suite Life, Oliver from Hannah Montana and Luther from Zeke and Luther
    • Riley from Girl meets world, Skylar from Mighty med and Molly and Cleo from Invisible sister, Auggie from girl meets world
    • Fletcher from ANT Farm and Oliver from Mighty med
    • Pj, Teddy, Gabe, Charlie and Toby from Good Luck Charlie and Kaz from Mighty med and Juliet from Wizard of Waverly place
    • Bree from Lab rats, Salone from Kickin and Mae from How to build a better boy
    • Ben from Descedants, Spin from Lab rats and Doy from girl meets world
    • Lindy  and Logan from I didn't do it and Kim from Kickin'it
    • K.C Cooper from KC Undercover and Rocky Blue From Shake it up and Zoey Stevens from Zapped
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  • Chase McFly

    In a crossover between ANT Farm and the EF universe, we come across two people with slightly-lower-than-average IQs. These characters are Paisley and Adam. While Paisley did have Keith, and Adam did have Sabrina, their low intelligences inadvertantly led to their break-ups. Thus, these two characters might have difficulty settling down with someone of greater intelligence-so why not settle down with someone of equal intelligence or ignorance of the world? Due to this, Paisley and Adam are a perfect match.

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  • Superbionic 2009
    • Skylar and Oliver (Elite Force/ Mighty Med)
    • Bree and Kaz (Elite Force)
    • Gus and Jordan (Mighty Med)
    • Scarlett and Experion (Elite Force/ Mighty Med))
    • Donald and Tasha (Lab Rats)
    • Olive and Sander (Elite Force Fanmade)
    • Leo and Crossbow (Lab Rats/Elite Force)
    • Chase and Reese (Elite Force)
    • Yogi and Darby (Girl Meets World)
    • Riley and Lucas (Girl Meets World)
    • Farkle and Smackle (Girl Meets World)
    • Zay and Maya (Girl Meets World)
    • Auggie and Ava (Girl Meets World)
    • Shawn and Katy (Girl Meets World)
    • Cory and Topanga (Girl Meets World)
    • Zack and Maya (Suite Life)
    • Cody and Bailey (Suite Life)
    • Mr. Mosby and Ms. Tutweiller (Suite Life)
    • Dez and Carrie (Austin and Ally)
    • Austin and Ally (Austin and Ally)
    • Fletcher and Chyna (A.N.T Farm)
    • Angus and Olive (A.N.T Farm)
    • Chad and Sonny (S…
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  • Superbionic 2009

    Base on Broken Crown by TKDP

    Skylar Valentine was getting read for her first day at a new school. Right as she began getting her make up on, she heard her new step-sister pounding on the bathroom door. Olive yelled, "Hurry up Skylar I don't want to be late!". Skylar sighed and said "OK". They walked down the steps and saw Horace and Diane were kissing. Olive sat down and said "Trying to slow my mom's tongue, Horace?" Diane and Horace stopped kissing and said "Good morning girls". Olive and Skylar ate breakfast. Skylar was moving her eggs around and her dad saw. Horace looked and asked, "You okay, sweetie?" Skylar look at her dad and said "Yeah".  After breakfast Skylar was in the bathroom getting ready and she heard her step sister yelling.…

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  • Superbionic 2009
    • Base on Tkdp's Broken Crown (it a song too)
    • Oliver and Flecther are brothers and their last name is Qumiby
    • Skylar and Olive are step sister.
    • Skylar and Oliver are in love
    • Fletcher and Olive are enemy and are in love
    • They go to Logan Webster High
    • Skylar's dad Horace Valentine is dating and is moved in with Olive and her mom Diane Doyle
    • Oliver is one year younger than Fletcher.
    • They all live in Philly
    • Skylar's real mom die 7 years ago her name was Julie when she was 10
    • Olive's parents are divorce
    • Trent is the PE teacher
    • Oliver and Skylar are 17
    • Flecther and Olive are 18
    • Chyna is a double agent they use to interfere in the romance between Oliver and Skylar
    • Fletcher and Olive are scare of PJ Duncan
    • Olive's dad is name James Doyle
    • Olive have a power call The bo…
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  • Chase McFly

    Ultimate Antagonist

    November 11, 2016 by Chase McFly

    Despite all the villains fought in this series, the ultimate villain is Ricardo. In 3 forms, he has survived since the early days of Elite ANT Force. The last villain in existence. Maybe, after 18 years, he will finally be defeated.

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  • Chase McFly

    What this wiki is NOT

    November 9, 2016 by Chase McFly

    This wiki is NOT:

    1: A place to discuss current real-world incidents in things like politics

    2: A place for dark roleplays.

    3. A place for people who get mad if their opposing ship is in the RP

    4. A place for opposing views on politics, religion, or anything

    This wiki IS:

    A safe place where all the world's wiki users, republicans and democrats, Skasers and Skolivers, Atheists and non-Atheists can RP and have a good time!

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  • Chase McFly

    How many of you want Next Generation Season 2? What are your ideas for it?

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  • Rockergirl94

    Story Of My Life

    October 15, 2016 by Rockergirl94

    My name is Rockergirl94, but my name real is Maggie.

    I love to chat with my friends and having out with my family ,

    I also love to watch Lab Rats / Lab Rats Elite Force .

    I also love math and history as school subject ,

    I also love to dance , sing and poems :) 

    I also like to role play 

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  • Bobjoe177


    October 14, 2016 by Bobjoe177

    Some body join chat

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  • Chase McFly

    New wiki coloration

    October 4, 2016 by Chase McFly

    Hey guys, I would like to try giving my wiki soe new colors. Do you have any suggestions?

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  • ElectricSupernova


    October 2, 2016 by ElectricSupernova

    Hi guys.

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  • Superbionic 2009

    This my verison of Parent trap  (No Bionics and Super powers)

    In 1997 Jerry Quimby was on a plane to California. He was sitting next to Bridget Fox. Jerry looked over at her and said "Sorry Miss." Bridget held her hand up and said "I am Bridget Fox". He smiled and said "You from California?" Bridget shook her head and said "No, I'm from Philly, but my friend moved to California and I visit her." Jerry looked at her and said " Where in California is your friend move?" Bridget  smiled and said "Sacramento".  Jerry smiled and said "That's  2 hours away from where I live". Bridget look at him and said "where are you from?' Jerry smile and said "San Francisco. After Bridget visited her friend, she drove up to San Francisco and saw her new friend…

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  • Chase McFly


    September 17, 2016 by Chase McFly

    Guys, my wiki is loaded with redlinks. Can you guys lend me a hand and help create pages for the redlinks?

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  • ScottStephenJones
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  • ScottStephenJones


    August 2, 2016 by ScottStephenJones

    Happy August!!!!

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  • ScottStephenJones

    Happy Sunday!

    July 31, 2016 by ScottStephenJones

    Happy Sunday everyone!!!!!!!! I hope that everyone has a great day! Also the dates on my blogs are mixed up. I wrote the first 2 yesterday 

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  • ScottStephenJones

    I had the best first day of being an admin! It's the best! I'm so happy I joined this wiki and I'm so excited to see what comes in the future!

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  • ScottStephenJones

    I just joined this wiki and I'm so happy to be part of Chase's wiki! Feel free to talk to me about anything anytime! Can't wait to start editing! 

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  • Duggie Davenport

    Welcome to my first Blog post. I would like you to look at the arc I have helped create. It should be done with the transcript by the end of Summer. The arc is called the Krane virus and Gao's evil friends. The arc is Bionic To The Future: Part 1 through Unraveled: The Last of Gao-Krane. Comment below if you like these episodes. Comment if you would like to join in on the episode RP session which is how we write the transcripts. Comment of you like the idea of there being a new bionic superhuman from a different fandom.

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  • Chase McFly

    New Wiki Name

    June 25, 2016 by Chase McFly

    I would like to remove the Fanfiction from the Wikia name, and make it ANT Farm: Elite Force! However, I haven't made my final descion yet! Brainstorm ne wnames in the comments below!

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  • Chase McFly

    Something really weird's going on. I cannot edit articles! I need help!

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  • Chase McFly

    Chat Party

    June 7, 2016 by Chase McFly

    I think it's about time this wiki had a chat party! The party will be in a few days, a little before the on efor Lab Rats: Elite Force! It will have all your fave activities and super-long roleplays!

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  • Chase McFly

    I think it's time to look at this blog again. We need our ANT Farm pages to be more poular, to fully acknowledge the crossoevr feel of both shows. The following character pages I have provided below, along with my original text. Please check each page, comment, and edit it for more sections if you wnat adminr ights! Thanks!:

    Chyna Parks

    Fletcher Quimby

    Olive Doyle

    Cameron Parks

    Angus Chestnut

    Lexi Reed

    Zoltan Grundy

    I was looking through the popular pages, and it seems far more people like Lab Rats: Elite Force, and not ANT Farm. Listen, guys, this fanfiction wiki is for ANT Farm as well. Can this be respected? I would like people to check out all the ANT Farm-related articles, you don't have to only stick with what you who have not seen one of th…

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  • Chase McFly

    Hello, everybody! This blog is all about what you think of my series!

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