Bionic To The Future Part 7: Double Visions is the 10th episode of Time ANTs: Elite World Force.


Waking up in a brainwashing plant, the gang gets out thanks to Farkle's cleverness, and saves Douglas. However, fights with Perry and her androids get in the way, as she is making people into zombies! Happily, Perry is defeated and Alternate Douglas fixes the time machine, so they go back to the 1964. The team attempts to convince Carter and Sarah that the other is not the one for them in many ways, such as Oliver claiming to be Sarah's boyfriend, hijacking Carter's mental alignment meter test, and making them think of each other as players. But all does not go as planned, as Citizen Davenport betrays the team. Luckily, they're a very resourceful team-so they attempt to get Douglas back and allow Carter to do his expo demonstration...

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