Bionic Tachyon Force Part 1: Douglas: Who are Adam, Bree and Chase, and Daniel is episode 9 of season 3 of Elite ANT Force: The Fifth Bionic.


After the surprise from Cyd and Shelby saying an old enemy has come back and kidnapped 2 key members of the EAF's families and friends and 1 of the time traveling duo's friends and family to get rid of the vital parts of these two teams. Without these people the teams would be shattered. So the three people Janet is trying to take out, Douglas, Maya, and Cyd, take the teams and split up in order to stop Janet and save their friends and loved ones. Douglas's group goes to stop Janet from making Douglas not have the first bionic superhumans. They first jump to when Douglas got married to Adam, Bree and Chase' mother and try to stop Janet from making Douglas not married to her. Then they go to when Daniel was made to successfully stop Janet from destroying Daniel's test tube. Once they succeed, they time jump to help Maya's group. 


  • Janet's being brought back to life might have to do with the new timeline James, Kyle, and Lexi created after Troy Classic got killed. However, at the end of this season, that timeline is erased.

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