Ricardo in army with no clothes

Ricardo in the army with no skin...

Attack Of The Awful Androids Part 2 is technically the first episode of season 2 of Elite ANT Force, the first episode of Elite ANTS: Talent and Power Island, and the 21st episode overall.


Dr. Gao kidnaps Adam, Bree, and Chase and takes control of them with his Evil Liquid Bionics. Dr. Gao then unleashes a series of androids, including Ricardo , to fight the new "SuperNormos" team of heroes-Bridget, Oliver, Fletcher, Olive, Chyna, Kaz, Skylar, Angus, Daniel, Leo, and Jesse-resulting in the most epic action-packed battle of the past two years!


  • Gao and Ricardo survive the destruction at the end of the battle, and escape, implying that they will return later on.
  • This is the 2nd appearance of Daniel Davenport and the 3rd appearance of Adam Davenport.
  • Memory Wipes creates a very crazy paradox that destroys the events of this episode. However, The Ricardo-Krane paradox indicates that it is instead Ricardo who recruits an android battle and forces the showdown with liquid bionics.
  • This is the first episode to take place in 2018.

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