Captain Andrew "Duggie" Davenport is Jesse's buddy who bought the show in 2018, and currently serves as its main co-writer. He loves to act, is notably Christian, and "an Elite ANT Force Maniac." He was the one who invented the Maya and Cyd as Douglas' daughters arc.

In the show

Duggie is a Secret Service agent named Duggie Duggan. He is the division leader of the Elite ANT Force's Bionic Superhero Secret Service Division along with Jesse the ANT on the team. Duggie is the bionic superhero leader of the division. He is also secretly Andrew Davenport, son of Donald Davenport Sr and his wife Lena, and the 17 year old cousin of Donald and Douglas. His wife Miranda and his son Jonas were murdered in his home year of 2166 by Zekiel. He is an ex-Time Master.

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