Professor Alexandra Margarita Russo is a full wizard like her younger brother Max and the Headmistress At Wiztech Emeritus, above Professor Bailey Pickett, the first bionic Headmistress Of Wiztech. She still pays the debts, more like Bailey is just acting for her. Her Deputy Headmaster is her husband, Mason Greyback. She has feelings for Zack, but keeps them a secret.


While Alex is somewhat selfish, she has matured since her early days and takes her duties as headmistress very seriously. She still has a childish, adventurous side that she expresses when working with the team. Alex uses her magic to help people, but accepts the fact she and Maya have a sort of a rivalry after Alex poured coffee into Maya's larynx.


  • Alex makes a "mean" chocolate croissant and is fluent in French and Spanish.
  • Alex is friends with Harry Potter.

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