Special Agent Cracker is the U.S. Government official (leader of the Paranormal Research Team) from Science Guinea Pigs 3. He first appeared when the world found out that A. DumbheadBring, and Catch are cybernetic in that film. At the end of the movie, he decided that instead of taking away A. Dumbhead, Bring, and Catch, that he would instead take Nicholas Keane, and his soldiers to prison. However, he also says that he will be taking charge of the Science Guinea Pigs.


Special Agent Cracker has, for years, been the joke of his Government Agency that has searched for paranormal phenomena throughout America. When A. Dumbhead, Bring, and Catch's bionics were exposed to the entire world, Agent Cracker and his men stormed the Vadenport Household and had A. Dumbhead, Bring, Catch, and Derrick captured, but however, they managed to escape. During the fight between heroes and Nicholas Keane, along with W-1, Agent Cracker and his men found them, but when Bring saved Cracker from being blasted by Keane, he decided to trust A. Dumbhead, Bring, and Catch.

Agent Graham later owned A. Dumbhead, Bring, and Catch, made them cybernetic celebrities and stopped them from training, causing them to miss a mission, which led to tragic results. Feeling betrayed and offended, Vadenport blamed A. Dumbhead, Bring, and Catch  for causing many innocent people pain and ruining the entire mission, but A. Dumbhead, Bring, and Catch  then realized that Agent Cracker was the one to be blamed for this. Because of this, they decided to humiliate Agent Cracker in front of the Governor Of California. He was then fired by the governor after A. Dumbhead, Bring, and Catch showed him how bad he was at managing them. He was sent to a prison afterwards.

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