Adam sneaking up on Bree

Adam stealing Bree's siblingness.

Adam is the 15th episode overall of Elite ANT Force.


During a crazy experiment, Oliver loses his hair and strength, Skylar loses her aggressive playfulness, Kaz loses his sense of humor and lack of intelligence, Chase stops caring for himself, quits embarrassing Oliver, and starts to accept superpowers, and Bree loses her sibling connection to Chase. But who cost them these things, and why? Chyna, Olive, Angus, Fletcher, and Jesse let out to solve this problem.


  • This is the first appearance of Adam Davenport.
  • It is revealed that Adam is a combination of all of the original Elite Force members, having the hair and strength of Oliver, the playful violence of Skylar, the sibling connection to Chase of Bree, the embarrassment-prone side of Chase, and the funny, dumb personality of Kaz. Also, Adam loves superheroes, which could be why Chase started believing in them. Also, this episode features Chase being friendlier to Oliver than usual.
  • This is the first time Adam meets the ANTs.
  • The reason Adam knew how to get a new personality is that his mind-controller left the thoughts, understanding, and senses alone.
  • Also, someone is capable of living without a personality if they are not a regularly born human- Adam was genetically engineered from Douglas' DNA.
  • The true meaning of this ep is explored in Unraveled .
  • The events of The Fall of Five create a sort of paradox that means Adam went missing even before Oliver Joins The ANT Farm, thus affecting the events of this episode. While it is still likely that Janet Smythe would remove Adam's characteristics, Adam would not steal back these traits from the EF, seeing as the clones had been done away with some time ago.

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