A Suite Time To Meet World On Waverly Place With ANTs: A Finale of Good Luck is the 17th episode of season 1 of Suite Life Of Time Wizards: Elite Force Meeting World.


Cyd and Shelby are missing, so Barry and Naldo quit the team to find them. Zay admits he loves Maya and quits too, Minkus passes his company to Smackle and Farkle, Lucas and Riley move after Cory changes jobs, needing Riley to work in his place, Max gets a job offer in Arles and invites Zack and London, Cody gets his own hotel, reunites with Bailey, and gives Wiztech back to Alex, and even Adam and Daniel move on. The now reunited original EF-plus Leo- is all that remains, along with Josh and Maya. The ANTs join them for a party in Palo Alto, and Kaz invites his cousins. 15 years in the future, Chase and Maya are assembling a team of the children of all of the original team's kids. Cyd, Shelby, Barry, and Naldo join as well, who have been time-warped into staying the same age for 15 years. However, Josh and Maya's son is now quite the rebel. Mean to his sister, "Doug" uses bionics to his advantage and likes to hide and blame things on his cousins. His super-breathing gets so out of control, he sucks Fletcher, Chyna, Zoltan, and the Martin Hotel right into his lungs. It's up to Maya, Chase, and Josh to get them out...with a shrink ray and submarine. Will they make it so that the new team will finally be complete?


  • Teddy, Gabe, and PJ Duncan appear.
  • This is the series finale.
  • There is a flashforward to the future in this episode.
  • It is revealed that Zay has a crush on Maya.

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