A Suite Load Of Help is the seventh episode in Season 4 of Good Luck, Liv and Maddie's Kickin' Suite Time Wizard ANT World Bunkin' Force: Bionic Superhero Secret Service Division.


Stranded in 2055, Maddie must get help from a younger Douglas. Meanwhile, the prison guards come after her-and find Chase pretending to be a woman. Maddie takes Chase with her and recreates Bionicstorm. Bionicstorm manages to erase Maddie's influence on the timeline from the minds of the guards. Maddie and Bionicstorm recruit Liv, Holden, Emily, Franklin, and Amelia, and take them back to 2039, where the Suite Crew are, via Douglas' long-abandoned Timecarrier. Not wanting a risk of paradoxes, the group-now called Team Bionic-a-Rooney- hides in the timecarrier and makes a plan that will stretch over a span of 20 years. Bionicstorm pays for the house with his own money so SanderOliveMeriBaileyCody JrTina and Hailey won't have to buy the model home that lands Meri, Olive, and Sander in jail. However, she manages to get Olive to go back in time so Crossbow will be born and has Sander reinvent himself as a historian. Bionicstorm's Chase side says his divorce from Tina helped him realize he was gay and lets it happen. Maddie figures that maybe Maya should go to jail because her parents still did dupe Kaz. Liv gets Robbie and Paris back together. Holden sends Cody Jr to England so he will marry Elaine. Cody, Bailey, Hailey, Cody Jr, Cody III, Sandra, Max M., Justin T., Robbie, Paris, Elaine, Maya B., and Ashley arrive, confused as to why everything is going differently. After a lot of explaining, Bionicstorm separates so Chase can realize he is gay and Douglas can join the BSSSD. As 20-years older versions of Team Bionic-a-Rooney (now with the Suite Crew), the gang begins to ponder if they will be stuck in the past and arrive in the present really old. The Waverider shows up with Heather at the wheel. She explains that they have been searching frantically all over the timeline for them and Chase has been imprisoned on the ship. She apologizes for taking so long and says their meddling has caused Douglas' grave to disappear! The completely-reunited BSSSD (living members, that is) heads to 2063, where they join Chase with Douglas. Melded into Bionicstorm again, Chase becomes good and de-ages Team Bionic-a-Rooney by 20 years. Liv and Holden catch up with everyone.