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A Force To Be Reckoned With is an alternate-history version of Elite ANT Force, written by JakesterShortie.


It tells of Chyna, Olive, Angus, and Fletcher visiting Mighty Med after a devastating Triton App encounter, and meeting Fletcher's long-lost brother, Oliver, his friend, Kaz, and Oliver's crush, Skylar. They are also joined by the Lab Rats, including Leo and Daniel, and form a powerful Elite Force consisting of talents, bionics, and superpowers.


  • Chyna, Angus, Olive and Fletcher each have both superpowers and talents in this series.
  • Also, Folive is still together in this story.
  • Much like how Elite ANT Force ignored the continuity of Skylar's powers returning in Elite Force and her crush and romance with Chase, this novel ignores the continuity of Folive's break-up, the ANTs going to Z-Tech, and the end of Lab Rats. With this being done, Violet is still present in their lives.

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