2039 is a year in the 21st century. It is the year in which the following events took place:

1.Following the collapse of the Arizona housing market, Cyd Montoya becomes a movie maker in Phoenix, rendering The Heather D. Company dormant.

2.Shelby takes her first swig of alcohol.

3. Barry, Barry Jr, Naldo Jr, Annie, and Shelly are trying to keep themselves supported and together between Shelby's disease and Cyd's movie-making.

4. Evie is fed up with King Ravi's rule and overthrows him.

5. Zoltan returns home to New York.

6. Doug and Angela join the Peace Corps.

7. Josh and Maya return to the "new" Kikiwaka.

8. Fletcher is released from prison, but tricks Oliver into being put under house arrest instead of him.

9. Fletcher and Chyna become a comic illustrator and an actress, respectively.

10. Marie repeats her 5th senior year of high school.

11. Olive moves into Kaz's RV Park, a year after he faked his death and moved to her attic.

12. Chase is paroled, divorces Tina, and becomes Chasity. He arrives at the RV Park and meets Vincent Engler.

13. Tina moves into Davenport Manor and reconnects with Bree.

14. Berry and Jordan divorce.

15. Cody, free from prison thanks to tricking Chase, begins a new life in Iraq with SanderOliveMeriBaileyCody Jr, Tina and Hailey

16. The Russos move to England with Harry Potter, where Alex gets lazy and eats too many butter croissants.

17. Living on an island with Anastasia and Prince Ravi, Ravi commits suicide.

18. Zuri is released from Rehab and meets a rebel named Connor Dons, moving into the Martin Hotel with him.

20. Evangeline and Christopher are sent to Boarding School.

21. Patsy becomes overworked and stressed due to having Joey JrDaphneMichaelSethAmeliaAlexanderBenjaminEmilyFranklinElizabethRalphKristen, and Victoria to take care of.

22. Skyler finally wins the lottery and strikes it rich. She leaves the puny house she shares with Bree, Natalie, and John, taking her John and Patrick to an exotic mansion in New York. 

23. Gabe goes to visit Bree and makes attempts to win her over, but eventually gives up.

24. John teaches Gabe Jr how to be a proper gentleman and not a "momma's boy" whose mother is dead.

25. Gabe Jr and John join up and run to serve in Queen Evie's court. This leaves Patrick by himself. 

26. For a year, Jack tries running a restaurant in Seaford and fails miserably.

26. Rudy catches a bad illness and must be cared for by Milton and Jerry.

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